Why bitcoin is growing once more because-For the first time since May 2022, Bitcoin has surpassed $35,000 as it continues its rapid ascent. It’s increased by 20% in the last five days.

This year, the value of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency has more than doubled as investors become increasingly optimistic about the possibility of purchasing bitcoin funds that trade on traditional stock exchanges rather than having to deal with less regulated and occasionally dubious crypto platforms.

According to Reuters, the most recent round of enthusiasm occurred when the BlackRock exchange-traded fund for bitcoin was listed on a list managed by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp., a clearing house for equities and ETFs run by Nasdaq.

to establish a bitcoin spot ETF in June; permission is still waiting. With trillions of dollars’ worth of assets under management, the business is the world’s largest provider of ETFs. A bitcoin ETF from BlackRock would lend the digital currency more credibility.

According to Samer Hasn, a market analyst at online brokerage XS.com, “this listing in the DTCC does not mean that the fund has actually been launched or that this will inevitably happen.” But it might show up as part of BlackRock’s getting ready to release the ETF shortly.

Other businesses, like as Grayscale Investments, have also submitted applications for permission to introduce comparable bitcoin ETFs.

Even though the US Securities and Exchange Commission had rejected Grayscale’s ETF, the regulator’s ruling was overturned in August by a three-judge panel for the DC Court of Appeals. The panel found that the regulator had not provided a sufficient justification for rejecting the firm’s application.

That has contributed to the summertime surge in cryptocurrency prices.

Nevertheless, the fund has not received SEC approval, and investors might be selling their skis.

Hasn expressed his opinion that the recent surge in bitcoin prices is a little overstated. “This market is still clouded by legislative and regulatory concerns, and as long as the legal battles go on, I don’t see opportunities soon to dispel these concerns.”However, fear is another reason why bitcoin might be increasing. Strangely, some investors use bitcoin as a type of virtual safe haven when they want to diversify their holdings during difficult times. Bitcoin, sometimes known as “digital gold,” has allowed investors to diversify their holdings beyond conventional stocks and bonds.

Bitcoin growing main causes

Numerous things can have an impact on the price of Bitcoin. Despite the fact that I lack access to real-time data, I can offer some typical explanations for the rise in the price of bitcoin:

1.Market Sentiment: A favorable attitude among traders and investors may stimulate demand for Bitcoin, pushing up prices. News, social media fads, and public trust in cryptocurrencies are a few examples of factors that can be very important.

2.Adoption: As more businesses and organizations embrace or make investments in Bitcoin, it may increase demand for the cryptocurrency and inspire more faith in it, which might raise its price.

3.Macroeconomic Factors: People may look for alternative stores of value as a result of economic events like inflation, currency depreciation, and financial instability. Some may even resort to Bitcoin as a hedge against these risks.

4.Technology and Network Upgrades: As a result of technological advancements and network upgrades, such as the Lightning Network or better scalability, Bitcoin may become more valuable and appealing, which could raise its price.

5.Regulatory Shifts: The cryptocurrency market may be significantly impacted by modifications to governmental rules and policies. While restrictive laws might have the opposite impact, supportive or positive regulations can increase investor confidence.

6.Halving Events: The reward that miners earn for validating transactions is half every four years due to the restricted supply of Bitcoin. This phenomenon, referred to as the “halving,” has the ability to slow down the production of new Bitcoins, increasing their scarcity and driving up their price.

7.Global Events: Investors may look for alternative assets like Bitcoin in response to geopolitical events, financial crises, and general economic conditions.

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