In a phone conversation with Russian jesters, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni discussed how the world was growing weary of the situation in Ukraine and how little support there was for Italy when it came to handling migration.

The Russian duo Vovan and Lexus, who have also tricked other Western politicians and celebrities, uploaded a 13-minute audio recording of the September chat online on Wednesday. Their goal is to get candid, unguarded remarks.

In a statement, Meloni’s office expressed remorse that she had fallen for a phony pretending to be the head of the African Union Commission. It stated that the call was made on September 18 in advance of gatherings at the UN General Assembly with African leaders.

Speaking in English, Meloni responded to a question concerning Russia’s war in Ukraine by saying, “I have to say that there is a lot of fatigue from all the sides.” The day is almost here when everyone realizes we need a way out.

“The challenge lies in identifying a solution that satisfies both parties while maintaining international law,” she continued.Speaking on Italy’s role as a first stop for a large number of migrants traveling over the Mediterranean, Meloni bemoaned the lack of assistance from foreign allies.

They do all concur that Italy must handle this issue on its own. It’s a really foolish way of thinking.Alexei Stolyarov, a prankster, claimed Meloni was at least open to expressing her true feelings.He spoke over the phone with Reuters, saying, “Unfortunately, unlike her, many European politicians behave like some kind of programmed robot and express points of view that are only voiced in their own circles.” He explained that Vovan was listening in on the call with Meloni while he was doing the talking.Meloni, the one-time prime minister of Italy, broke up with her co-presenter, TV host, last month after it was revealed that he had used derogatory language and appeared to be making moves toward a female coworker in off-air video clips from his show.

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