Rajdoot BikeRajdoot Bike

Rajdoot Bike: In the 70s, very few vehicles were seen in the Indian market. When the country got independence in 1947, some vehicles were left by the British and people were using these vehicles. Apart from this, companies like Royal Enfield and BSA used to make very expensive two wheelers at that time. Only rich people could buy them. In such a situation, the Indian market was in great need of an affordable two wheeler.

Rajdoot entered

In such a situation, Rajdoot was launched. Rajdoot was a light weight cruiser bike which gave a lot of mileage. People started using it in their daily work. At the time it was launched, its name was Rajdoot Excel T.

This bike ruled the Indian market for 30 years and was later discontinued. This bike was made by Escort company in collaboration with Yamaha. Japanese technology was used extensively in this.

This is the reason why it was able to survive in the market for a long time. If seen, it was a bike that came with modern technology, due to which it gave a lot of mileage. At the same time, its long seat also makes it a family bike. Couples could travel comfortably with their children on it.

Mileage of Rajdoot engine

The company had provided a 173cc 2-stroke engine in Rajdoot. Due to this powerful engine, it was able to run on the rough roads of that time. It had a 13-litre fuel tank and with a full tank, it could run 700 kilometres very comfortably.

New Rajdoot Bike will be launched!

Now there is talk of relaunching Rajdoot. Escort company will again launch this two wheeler. This time it can be given a 250 cc four stroke engine.

This engine will work on liquid cooled technology, due to which its performance is going to increase even more. However, you will not get the same mileage in this bike as before. But this can be a performance bike which will compete directly with Royal Enfield Bullet.

More features than Royal Enfield

As features, you can get navigation, digital display, drive analytics, mobile charging, slipper clutch, LED lights, long seat, disc brake and many more things. This bike is said to be launched very soon and we will get to see it soon.

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