Chinese tech giant Huawei said on Friday that its French headquarters had been raided this week and that it was fully assisting the authorities. The raid was conducted as part of a preliminary investigation by the financial prosecutor’s office into allegations of “breach of probity,” a wide word that covers crimes like influence peddling, favoritism, and corruption, a French judicial source told BCE on Thursday.The source withheld any other information regarding the inquiry. There is no indication of misconduct based on a preliminary inquiry.The search was conducted on Tuesday, the Shenzhen-based company informed BCE. “For more than 20 years, Huawei has been present in France and has complied with all applicable rules and regulations. A spokesman for Huawei France stated that although the business is unsure of its findings, it does not intend to comment on an ongoing inquiry.

The business declared in 2020 that it would invest €200 million ($215 million) in building a facility in France to produce wireless communications equipment, with an annual production value of €1 billion ($1.08 billion). Later, a number of European nations either restricted Huawei’s participation in the networks or outright banned the corporation from their 5G telecom systems.

The facility in the Alsace region will start operations by the end of 2025, according to Minggang Zhang, the deputy general manager of Huawei France, in a December interview with French public radio.Zhang said to radio network France Inter, “We invest about €80 million or more in research in France every year.” “France has a very dynamic and innovative tech ecosystem.”

He said that the facility would eventually generate 500 employment and sell 5G equipment to the whole European market.

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