Our most recent travel news roundup includes top destinations for Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class drinks, and street food from Japan, as well as aviation teams led by fathers and grandmothers taking to the skies.Discover the fascination of cemeteries for “tombstone tourists” as Halloween approaches.

Bars, street food and fine dining

Where can I discover the greatest bar in the planet? Barcelona has been the winner for the previous two years running. Sips, a 33-seat cocktail bar that opened during the Covid epidemic, won the coveted 2023 award this month, taking the top spot from speakeasy Paradiso, who won last year.

Regarding Asian street cuisine, one Japanese city boasts more outside food vendors than the entire nation. This is how the yatai (food cart) scene in Japan was dominated by Fukuoka.The capital city of Georgia can now boast Michelin-starred eating after five Atlanta restaurants were granted one star on October 24. The city’s “diverse offerings” and “dynamic culinary landscape” were lauded by the esteemed French tourist book.

A family affair

A grandmother and her granddaughter, who work as flight attendants together, recently took off over California on a Southwest Airlines flight. Hannah Heck, 24, decided to pursue a profession in aviation after seeing her grandmother travel extensively. Cynthia Heck, 72, therefore went above and above to ensure that she was on Hannah’s first flight when the two eventually started working for the same airline.More than simply a name unites Ruben Flowers and his son Ruben: Growing up, little Ruben aspired to be just like his pilot father. In a 1994 picture, the toddler son is seen admiringly looking up at the aircraft flight deck as his uniformed father gets ready to take off. The two re-took the picture over thirty years later, with young Ruben, who is thirty, dressed in uniform and ready to start his career as a first officer for Southwest Airlines, just like his father did.

Travel tech making journeys smoother

Travel is becoming easier and easier thanks to technological advancements. Consider the luggage tracking device—a wise traveler’s must-have. Athlete Gray Barnett’s twelve thousand dollar bike vanished somewhere between France and South Carolina. He and his father found it in Brussels Airport, where a kind airport employee saved the day.

Additionally, live translation is always becoming better. Tokyo Metro, a tech leader in Japan, has unveiled a futuristic screen that can translate talks into 12 languages quickly. Look at how this operates here.


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