Honda will sell this bike in auction, it is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it as soon as you see itHonda will sell this bike in auction, it is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it as soon as you see it

Discover the latest buzz at the Bangkok International Motor Show as Honda Motors unveils the highly anticipated new edition of their iconic motorcycle, the Honda Monkey. Inspired by the beloved film franchise ‘Star Wars’, this retro-looking ride is sure to turn heads. With two color options to choose from – the Light Side Monkey and the Dark Side Monkey – the force is strong with this one. Keep your eyes peeled for the striking contrast in colors on the fuel tank. This is one monkey you won’t want to miss!

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Honda Monkey Color Options

The company has put bold ‘Star Wars’ branding on the fuel tank of its motorcycle Honda Monkey and has given it a black-out theme. This completes its dark theme. To give it an attractive look, the company has given it blue handlebar grips as well as dual-tone white and grey color on the fuel tank. You can see the Star Wars branding on its fuel tank glowing in the dark.

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Engine and Powertrain of Honda Monkey

Based on the company’s Star Wars movie, this motorcycle has a powerful 125cc engine. Which produces a maximum power of 9.2bhp and a peak torque of 11Nm. In this you get a 4-speed gearbox. Which can manage its speed very well. According to the company, this bike is capable of offering a mileage of 70.5 km per liter. For better braking, apart from disc brakes in both its wheels, the company is also offering ABS in the front.

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Features of Honda Monkey

The company has provided many modern features in the Honda Monkey motorcycle for a better riding experience. In this you get LED light lamp, keychain, LED light box and a Star Wars pilot jacket. This bike co-produced by Cube House Honda and H2C Design is available in very limited numbers.

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